Taking care. The last reflection

This semester has been turbulent for many reasons: I struggled with working full time (after a chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer a few years ago); at work, besides all the teaching in courses and all the staff meetings, we created a new program and I am managing one of the processes in this work which […]

From trying out FISh in a classroom to Nietzsche and becoming. Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

Trying the FISh-model The question in the scenario, “How can I get people to really recognize the value of becoming part of a learning community and experience the benefits of social learning?” is indeed intriguing and this course, ONL231, has helped me concerning this. I teach in an international master course, Research methods in Innovation […]

Bubbles. Ownership. Democracy. Sketching reflections about open learning – sharing and openness (topic two)

The scenario for this week was: The blending of in-person with online teaching and learning is taking centre stage in the higher education transformation. This is likely to further widen the expansion of online education. How do you think this will cause an increased interest to shift towards open education and sharing of open educational […]