Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

This topic of ONL192 was about getting the teams to closely examine learning in communities, networking and collaboration. Our PBL scenario provided the experiential learning to allow us to address the the effectiveness of small collaborative learning groups in the online environment and the difference between collaboration and cooperation. This topic was where our group, PBL13,Continue reading “Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning”

Open Educational Practices

Open Learning – Sharing and Openness

“Open Educational Practices” by oeps.scotland is licensed under CC BY 2.0   Topic 2 of ONL introduced a bunch of acronyms: OEP, OER, PLE, PLN. These acronyms are linked by the topics we had to consider: open education and sharing. Here are some definitions of these acronyms: OEP, open educational practices, are concerned with promoting and supporting equity and openness in education.OER, open educational resources, are openly licencedContinue reading “Open Learning – Sharing and Openness”


Online participation and digital literacies

This image reflects my feelings about online participation and the visitor-resident continuum. Either it is the scariest thing I have done: leaving a perfectly good aeroplane, safe and secure, to experience the rush and exhilaration of open online participation. Or it is an exciting journey into the open wide world with no safety net! As […]