What have I learned about Open Networked Learning?

During this course, I learned from my fellow students so much about open networked learning, blended learning and how to use digital tools in an effective way. As a teacher and researcher, tackling the challenges posed to software engineering and computer science requires the combination of both the traditional roles of researcher and teacher. And […]

Edi and Online&Blended Learning

My own experiences. In the last five years, I have started digitizing campus courses and developing new online courses to be exclusively given to industrial professionals. Working in this new setting involves a close interaction with students using digital tools and blended learning. Nowadays, teaching has evolved and teachers are adopting blended learning techniques throughout […]


Challenges in Collaborative Learning

I reflected quite a lot on the frustrations of both teachers and students in online collaborative learning. I started by reading quite an interesting paper [1] that outlined some of these issues: Even if some of these issues seem generic enough to be applied to any collaborative learning tasks, I think many of the challenges […]