Creating a Learning Community: A Double-Edged Sword?

A great deal of my academic work examines how individuals behave in collective settings (e.g., teams, working groups, projects etc.). My research is rooted in organizational behavior literature, where the terms cooperation and collaboration are used in an interchangeable manner. In fact, I also have not paid much attention to the differences between these twoContinue reading “Creating a Learning Community: A Double-Edged Sword?”

The Bright and Dark Side of Open Knowledge

Back in 2012, I watched an inspiring talk by Clay Shirky on open-source movement. His ideas about how opportunity to access knowledge could be a strong impetus for additional knowledge generation – with greater momentum and efficiency. As a scholar whose research interests touch upon knowledge management and innovation, I found open-source as a greatContinue reading “The Bright and Dark Side of Open Knowledge”

Connecting Week Reflections

During and after my graduate studies, I have taken many different courses in different formats and shapes. Almost all of these courses have been rather ‘typical’ in that they involved people (i.e., students and teachers) who are physically co-located and adopted standard pedagogical tools (e.g., reading & writing assignments, classroom discussions, presentations etc.). When IContinue reading “Connecting Week Reflections”