Reflection 5: Final thoughts and the future

After several weeks of learning collaboratively in the PBL group, the course has finally come to an end. The ride was demanding, time-consuming, and required considerable effort. Nevertheless, the knowledge and experience obtained are invaluable and priceless. The activities and discussions were generally well organized. I admired the level of engagement and diversity of the […]


Reflection 4: Blended learning and hybrid learning: Teachers’ support to students

In this reflection, I will be focusing on the potential support teachers can provide to students to facilitate blended and hybrid learning. It is worth mentioning that blended learning provides an alternate approach to engage students via various learning experiences particularly for students with difficulties learning in a physical classroom. This mode of learning shifts […]

Reflection 3: Collaborative Learning

In this reflection, I chose to focus on a practical case of online collaborative learning in my problem-based learning (PBL) group. Before attending this module, we mainly used the networked-based perspective in the PBL group. However, since attending the module on collaborative learning, we have adopted more of a collaborative learning approach than a networked […]

Reflection 2: A reflection on openness in your own teaching practice

Upon completing two weeks of intense discussion and deliberation within my PBL group and upon reading the blogpost of other participants on open learning from a sharing and openness perspective, I decided to self-evaluate how my teaching practices contributed to open education.  I asked myself three fundamental questions; 1) What is openness? 2) What constitutes openness? […]

Welcome to your new website on Sola!

NB! This is an example of a post.  You have two options with this post: Keep – and make it your own. Start editing this post by clicking on the Edit button at the top. You can now edit the post by adding blocks. You should also change the Permalink of the post (you’ll find […]