Topic 5

Taking ONL201 in spring 2020 turned out to be timely. The sudden transition to online teaching due to the COVID-19 pandemic provided plenty of examples to illustrate the theory we discussed during the course.  For me, the transition to online teaching was smooth, as I had already blended the course I was teaching at theContinue reading “Topic 5”

Topic 4

In the best of worlds, blended learning offers the best of two worlds. Mixing face-to-face with online elements could really be ideal, and there is a wealth of literature pointing at its benefits, from the students’ and the educators’ points of view (see e.g. Cleveland-Innes and Wilton (2018), Lopéz-Peréz et al. (2011) and references therein).Continue reading “Topic 4”

Topic 3

In Topic 3 we have focused on collaborative learning. This topic and its scenario was the (so far!) most challenging task for our PBL group. And in a sense, that is illustrative.  We started off trying to understand just what is meant by collaborative learning, and a personal learning network. It requires communication and coordinationContinue reading “Topic 3”

Topic 2

In these past couple of weeks the work in our PBL group has been focused on the advantages and disadvantages of open learning. In trying to think what openness means for my own practice, as teacher and learner, I realize that a) although I have taken steps in the direction of openness, my experience soContinue reading “Topic 2”

A word on corona

This blog is created for the Open Networked Learning course I am taking, and I intend to keep it on that topic. I will therefore mention the current corona virus situation only in that context; the pandemic has caused a rapid transition of all university and high school teaching to being online, and digital literacyContinue reading “A word on corona”

Topic 1

My ONL journey has started. I though the word “journey” used here and there in the course description was a bit silly at first, but now I think it actually seem to be a rather proper description. I see myself as reasonably digitally literate, in some areas. I am comfortable with sharing and co-editing documentsContinue reading “Topic 1”