Topic 5: Reflections on the course and suggestions

A Reflection on the course: This was generally a stimulating course with a challenging amount of work. Although we had challenges in the beginning when it comes to forming our group as a community in practice, the connections and commitments were clearer and a collaborative environment was built as we went along. The course at […]

Topic 4: Online and Blended learning design

For topic 4, we were asked to reflect on Online and Blended learning design with an approach that seeks to “encourage learners’ engagement and learning processes” in online and blended learning design. I would like to reflect a little further on one of the sources included in our reading and one that we have touched […]

Topic 3: Learning Communities and Communities in Practice

For topic 3, we were asked to reflect upon the formation of learning communities and communities of practice including in online settings. In our group and panel discussion (recorded), we talked a lot about the 5-stage model for online learning proposed by Gilly Salmon, The Five Stage Model (2022) and reflected on how, the development […]

Topic 2: Open Learning – Sharing and Openness

For our second topic, we were given the topic of openness and sharing in learning and teaching related areas and a scenario where we considered the impact of AI tools as well as hybrid forms of education and participation/accessibility. While the blending of in person and online teaching/learning environments seem to promise new types of […]