Topic 4 – The mixology of blended learning

All learning is blended, except when done entirely on one’s own. Learning blends classroom and homework, study groups with independent work. We alternate between the different learning contexts because they are beneficial and each one contributes something to the learning process for each student. The new component, if something more than 30 years old may […]

Topic 2 – Thoughts on product design – the open course case

The most important educational product that a faculty develops is a course. We might develop various teaching materials independent of courses but the course is the primary component of university education, which is the chief occupation of the faculty. Alas, it is often a lonely development and not too seldom an ad hoc activity. When […]


ONL211 Blogg

Covid University in 2020 One might rejoice that Swedish institutions for higher education were able to switch to online teaching during the spring of 2020 and thus were able to continue to offer good education despite the pandemic. Or one might remark that it takes a globally threatening plague with thousands of dead to make …