Topic 4: Developing community of inquiry in blended learning

Before the pandemic, I already knew the concept of “blending learning” from a pedagogical course called course design I attended in the beginning of this year. I really like the philosophy behind blending learning. It is useful to deep into the concept of blended learning. According to Garrison & Vaughan (2008), definition of blended learningContinue reading “Topic 4: Developing community of inquiry in blended learning”

Topic 1: Contextualized Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is Contextualized: Residents in Facebook/twitter does not equal resident in Canvas/Zoom I am skeptical about the term “digital native.” The relationship between young generation and technology requires more nuanced understanding. In my opinion, it is risky if the educators take students’ digital literacy for granted and downplay the necessity of the support system thatContinue reading “Topic 1: Contextualized Digital Literacy”