Topic 3: Connectivism and online collaborative learning

A few years ago I participated in a conference in Stockholm. As I registered for the event, the instructions also said to follow the hashtag of the conference. I remember being sucked in to the discussions that went on in the “digital backstage” on Twitter as presentations where given. Much of the content was related … Continue reading Topic 3: Connectivism and online collaborative learning


Topic 2: Going open

Openness is everywhere today, as exemplified by all the free content on different social media platforms. Openness is also supposed to be something obvious in educational settings. Openness has a long history, as classical teaching in the physical room is open, at least at our university. But in a digital setting, this openness is not … Continue reading Topic 2: Going open


Reflections of week 1

Concluding all the discussions and reflections our group engaged in during the first topic on online participation and digital literacies would result in a short novel. Therefore, I have decided to only reflect upon the categorization of individuals in visitors/residents, or even natives/immigrants. In our group we discussed and reflected that labeling is in this … Continue reading Reflections of week 1


Who am I?

My name is Jonas. I work as a lecturer at the Department of Healthcare at Arcada UAS in Helsinki, Finland. My background is quite broad, ranging from a degree in emergency care (registered nurse) to a master in history. My work experience is also quite broad. In the recent years I have been concentrating on … Continue reading Who am I?