With generative AI, it’s time to rethink learning

For Week Four’s topic on design for online and blended learning, I was tasked to lead the discussion on generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of education, in which we covered the applications and implications of generative AI on teaching and learning. I was quite familiar with this topic since I explored how students […]

Exploring students’ mindset as a group

For Week Three’s topic on learning in communities – networked collaborative learning, my team and I explored the concept of social learning, particularly group dynamics in a collaborative setting. As I read through the given scenario, it reminded me of my undergraduate years (such fond memories!) whereby the tutor would get us to form groups for […]


Balancing student privacy and openness when giving feedback

For Week Two’s topic on open learning – sharing and openness, my team and I unpacked the concept of “openness” in the context of open educational resources (OER), in which we identified what OER is, its benefits, and challenges. As a university tutor who capitalises on social interactions in order to make learning for my […]


Hi everyone! I’m Jonathan, an Instructor from the Centre for English Language Communication who recently joined the National University of Singapore in January 2023. Besides teaching and the occasional coffee with my colleagues, I’m currently looking at ways to incorporate ChatGPT into my future lessons, whether through teaching feedback and/or research. Looking forward to learning […]