Designing for the student, is key to succeed

Finally, the topic I have been looking for since the beginning of this course is here, designing an online course. Honestly, I am equally unsure (or even more) on how to approach it as I was with the previous topics. There are many reasons for that and responsibility is one of them. I have been […]

Yet again, collaborative learning is essential

When I reflect on my communities and the impact of them in my professional development and learning in general, I realize that I do not follow a lot of people (I am not really active) on social networking sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. However, by doing so I never thought I was lacking […]


The wicked problem to open education

Openness alone is not a virtue to better, improved education as it apart from benefits, entails risks as well. However, if combined and negotiated with different aspects it could lead to free, easily-to-access and flexible knowledge. In my view to open education and openness in general, I would like take a different approach, not only […]


Responding to new digital literacy challenges

My journey in the digital age has undergone an interesting transformation, shaped by the technological developments. With the omnipresence of digital technology, we are digitally involved in everything we do. The connected world we live in brings many benefits and we want to embrace all these benefits without the risks of course. The good news […]