Welcome to Topic 5 about Lessons learnt – future practice

OK, so twelve weeks later, how are things? If you take a short moment to think, about how you felt at the start of ONL222 around mid-September and how you feel now, about the digital stuff that’s available out there, about your own capability? We hope you have found what you were looking for when […]

Topic 1 – Meeting 1

We had a great discussion in our first meeting. Those who couldn’t attend can see the FISh document and recording here. Please, ad more thoughts and discuss the presented issues in the document. Between the meetings it’s in the document we do all the works. We also decided to have the discussion in this […]

Connecting – first meeting

Hi, It was nice meeting you all in our first group meeting in this course. Hopefully those who couldn’t attend are able to meet us on Friday. But you can see our meeting using this url: Ground rules: In the meeting we started to write down our ‘ground rules’ in this document: If […]