Online and blended learning

I found this topic very interesting, since I have been teaching both on campus and online for a while. The most challenging part of it has been when you have students both online and in the classroom at the same time. How can we go about that? Is it possible to support both groups (online […]


Collaboration vs Collaborative learning

When I’m teaching with my colleagues, we often talk about open-ended problems and project-based learning. Both because we have an idea that we can support/challenge the student to develop higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) (Krathwohl, 2002), but also because in engineering work there is most likely a team that share a responsibility to solve a project […]

Open Learning – Sharing is Caring?

I found it very interesting to have the PBL group discussions on open learning both in terms of our cultural and social backgrounds and what will happen after the pandemic. After reading some of the blogposts written by other participants in this ONL212-course I realize that we all have different understanding and use of open […]


Linking Digital Literacies to Bloom´s Taxonomy?

During this first topic I have been intrigued by the Digital literacies development model by Beetham and Sharpe, 2010. After reflecting on my own courses and how the students perceive online education and the different tools and systems that we introduce to students to support teaching and learning activities. I realize that this model might […]


Online participation and digital literacies

I have been teaching online for some years now, so the change that we have seen during the pandemic when it comes to work and education has not been as ”dramatic” for me as for some of my colleagues, although we are all affected, one way or the other.. Previously, I have had students both […]