Recording from meeting, wed March 6th

Hi! Im still having technical problems with zoom and yesterdays meeting is unfortunately only available as audio file. Its posted in our Google drive folder together with the chat. Shushentha and Mboni will post notes and action points. The collaborative Fish-document is in our drive folder: Please add your thoughts and ideas on the scenario […]

Notes from todays meeting (Feb 28th)

Hi everyone! Thanks for a great meeting today! Notes from meeting are posted in our drive folder for connecting week: Please contribute to our group presentation in the padlet, at the latest sun March 3rd at 20.00 (CET): Nathalie has kindly volunteered to submit the presentation. Mboni and Shushentha will take lead/co-lead for […]

Meeting Feb 28th, 11.00 (CET)

Hi Group 9! Please join todays meeting at 11.00 CET using our zoom-room: An agenda is found below and in our google drive folder: Agenda Feb 28th:   Welcome new Group members Meeting times for topic 1 and 2 Decide on topic leaders Make a presentation of our PBL group and post in big […]