Final reflection

In my final reflection blogpost, I want to share my thoughts on a popular institution-wide initiative – the adoption of blended learning, which has gained momentum due to the need for continued teaching & learning during this Pandemic. Most faculty members would agree that blended learning is an effective approach to learning that combines the […]

ONL PBL Gp 6 Topic 2 & 3

I have the privilege of learning with a diverse group of colleagues with a wealth of knowledge and skills in TEL. My Group 6 teammates taught me lots of things, some of which were applied in my own lessons with teaching assistants. I found the conversations we had every week and the online resources that […]

PBL Gp 6 Topic 1 post

These are belated blogposts. I guess, it’s better late than never. One good thing perhaps is that I have the chance to apply some of the ideas taught and discussed in our ONL group sessions and to reflect a bit more on these experiences. Online participation and digital literacies have become hot topics when the […]