Topic 5

Learning experience in this course has been kind of an interesting lesson in itself. Looking at the four modes of learning as expressed by Professor Richard Elmore, I think I expected the course to be like so many others, on an hierarchical individual level. But to my surprise, looking back, I think I have mentally […]

Topic 4

I think the idea of blended learning comes with a few benefits that I myself have not reflected much upon before reading up on the concept. Hybrid learning, i.e., to have a mix between at campus and online students (Kenney and Newcombe, 2011), is something I am very used to, both as a teacher and […]

Topic 3

The scenario posed in this posed an interesting question, how can people recognize the value of becoming part of a learning community and the benefit of social learning? So, this poses two questions, what is a learning community, and what is social learning? While both these concepts have many, slightly varying, definitions, I came across […]

Topic 2 – Week 1

For this weeks topic and scenario, we decided to address openness in education and teaching from challenges and opportunities. To help us denote just what we mean by that we landed on the three dimensional model as presented by Dalsgaard and Thestrup (2015): communication, transparency, and engagement. When reading up on various challenges and opportunities, […]

Topic 1 – Week 2

This week was a bit more energetic. In our group, we have started to know each other, and we have found some interesting reading material around digital literacy. Although, up to this point, it has been a bit unclear just what to produce and how. However, today was the last day to work on it, […]

Topic 1 – Week 1

Reading about digital literacy I cannot but reflect on how much of these aspects are taken for granted in much of the teaching I do myself. Being a lecturer in a remote university, much of the education is on distance, and we therefore rely quite heavily on ICT. Although remote teaching has worked quite well […]