Community learning

Trying out various different tools for collaboration on-line has been very enlightening so far; partly because I have been (and am) very ignorant of all the tools available today, partly because the exercises and our group collaborations have illustrated in a very concrete way how we think about, sort and present information. Another bonus forContinue reading “Community learning”

Sesame, open!

Who doesn´ t want openness – openness and transparency and sharing and collaboration! Of course, most of us do, and in education as well. There isn´ t much to be said against sharing and discussing. Last week, I was looking for evidence-based papers on open education resources, in particular in the medical education sector. IContinue reading “Sesame, open!”

An old reflection

How is “to learn” expressed in your language? In Swedish and Scandinavian languages, there is a reflexive component suggesting activity (att lära sig = “to learn/teach oneself”) that you find also in Russian and Slavic languages, but not in many of the other European languages. By contrast, “to get an education” and also “to obtainContinue reading “An old reflection”