Topic 5

This is the final reflection for the ONL course, a journey that we started a few months back. Thinking back, I have got to know new people and learned from them as well as with them how to use for instance technology, online environments and problem based learning in my teaching. In this course we […]

Topic 4

In this reflection I will mainly focus on the theme of how I as a teacher could provide support and facilitation in online and blended learning environments. Based on my experience, I would say that a purely online course is easier to arrange than a blended learning course, in which the students can choose whether […]

Topic 3

This topic and the proposed idea for individual learning on an occasion, in which real collaborative learning took place made me think the time I was doing my master’s in Sweden at KTH.  Collaborative learning can be defined as “a teaching method that brings together students to discuss a topic important for a given course […]

Topic 2

Previously I have come across to the concept of openness in relation to open science and open access. It was nice to see, how similar kind of thoughts were evoked. In relation to open access publishing, I had previously come across also the creative commons licenses that I at the time found quite difficult. Therefore, […]

Topic 1

In this topic, the scenario made me to think about the relationship of confidence and capabilities in relation to digital technologies and their usage. Personally, I feel rather confident of my capabilities with digital tools and systems. I have grown up during the time that the evolution of digital tools has been rather fast, when […]