Learning in personal communities (ONL202 Topic 3)

The topic 3 in ONL202 course addressed the importance of creating communities of learning. This aspect can be discussed from two different perspectives – teacher and student. In both cases, creating a personal learning network (PLN) is of great importance to facilitate learning. The definition and type of members in the PLN for a teacherContinue reading “Learning in personal communities (ONL202 Topic 3)”


Opennes – What’s in it for me? (ONL202 Topic 2)

The second topic in the ONL202 course was about the sharing and openness in ‘Open Learning’. The discussions were about how to share an online course or course material, why it is of interest, what value could it add, and the possible consequences of sharing online course material. The discussions around this topic became veryContinue reading “Opennes – What’s in it for me? (ONL202 Topic 2)”