What We do in the Blended Shadows of Community Learning

‘Affect’ in and of teaching is positioned as how to make sense of face-to-face teaching and particularly what we as teachers frame as learning communities. Clearly, no learning encounter can be devoid of affect – but what ‘affect’ means for teachers and students is different, and the question why it is positioned as central to learning remains if not shrouded in mystery, then at least a bit unexplored scientifically.


Digital literacy, synthetic learning and synthwave

The challenge with the synthwave genre is the question if it really improves the original sound, which despite its flaws continues to make grab people, and if it contributes to something new to our understanding of music? This is pretty much how I look at something like ONL and online problem-based learning in the landscape (discourse) of learning.


The unbearable weightiness of being a learner

“Oh dear…” My first feeling after having tried to make sense of all the different instructions, overviews, videos, blogs, vlogs, platforms, assignments, teachers, co-teachers, learners, co-learners, open learners, groups, subgroups, zoom-meetings, doodles, google-drives, learning spaces, twitter sessions, editable powerpoints, creditable study points, rules of engagement, forms of consent, and amount of time spent. I couldContinue reading “The unbearable weightiness of being a learner”