Community of Inquiry and Online Learning

  Community of inquiry (Col) helps in designing and delivering online learning groups of individuals are involved in a process of empirical or conceptual inquiry into problematic situations. Col highlights three presences – the social presence, cognitive presence and teaching presence – which has been used a lot in the online learning context where theContinue reading “Community of Inquiry and Online Learning”

Collaborative learning_ How can its full potential really be achieved?

Before I had this session in the course, I have often mixed up the meaning of collaborative learning with that of corporative learning in the sense that I have seen them as one and the same. While discussing the meaning of this type of learning with my group members, it was clear to me thatContinue reading “Collaborative learning_ How can its full potential really be achieved?”



Hello Everyone, My name is Adesuwa Omorede and i am a lecturer and researcher at Mälardalen University. I work within the division of innovation management and sit in Eskilstuna, Sweden. I teach 50% and research for the remaining 50% of my time. For teaching, i teach undergraduate and graduate courses and some of my subjectsContinue reading “Hello!”


Teaching in a digital setting, a case of teacher’s wellbeing

Can there be any dilemma to teaching in the digital age? As teachers, we are expected to be self-determined, self-motivated and preserve the same energy to be able to keep students engaged and energized towards their learning phase. Engagement theory emphasizes that to keep students engaged, a well-designed course needs to be created. Having aContinue reading “Teaching in a digital setting, a case of teacher’s wellbeing”