How to appreciate group work?

Within the framework of the topic connected with collaborative learning, our group decided to investigate how students perceive this topic and how we, as teachers, perceive it through research. More than 90% of students spoke positively about working in groups. This high number surprised me, but I compared it with other studies that reported similar […]

Should be university knowledge available for everyone?

When we started dealing with open learning, I had to find a definition to know what we would talk about. I started with the Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning, which provides a comprehensive but broad explanation of open learning: ”open learning” describes learning situations in which learners have the flexibility to choose from a variety […]

Is it the same me in the digital age as me growing up in the 1980s?

The digital era, i.e. the time we live, is characterised based on various criteria. The main one, modern technology, plays a vital role in accelerating and deepening society’s knowledge acquisition, thereby significantly influencing its development. As a person born in the late 1980s, I feel safe and confident using technology, but is that true and how […]