Networked collaborative learning

During topic 3 we were reflecting on how we can make students learning improve using group work and collaboration assignment. I have to say that “my” group is reallt creative and during the first meetings we came up with a lot of different ideas and angels on the topic. To try and struvture the contributions […]

Feels a bit empty

Life is full of meetings with new people and it always feels a bit sad when you split up and continue in life. It is amazing how technology makes it possible to form distributed groups and will I honestly miss my PBL group and our weekly meetings. During out last week we were asked to […]

Time flies

Last week we handed in Topic 4, Design for online and blended learning. My group did choose to focus on community building and how to get the students engaged in group work. One of our group members came up with an interesting article on community building: From this article we got a lot of […]

Reflection week

A well needed week to catch up and analyze what we have done. Our previous topic was handed in less than a week ago, this time we used a padlet as the tool for our contribution. Our last topic “Open learning – sharing and openness” started by a scenario that we all read individually. When […]

First subject handed in

Today our group finished the work that begun with scenario 1. The scenario described the anxiety a teacher could have as a beginner of online teaching. During our fist meeting we had brainstorming of how we should proceed. We came up a lot of very different ideas and decided to think about how to do […]

Attending first week’s meeting!

Actually I am still amazed by the possibilities opened by technology. Even though I have been using Zoom a lot during the pandemic I am impressed the our group distributed over several continents can come together live to discuss and share experiences not only professional but also personal. This way we are already after two […]