Topic 3 : Learning in Communities

Connectivism (Siemens, 2004), and other theories underpin learning in the digital age. It emphasizes that learning occurs through connections between people, and the newer digital technologies have opened up avenues for people to enhance learning. The webinar by Kay Oddone was mainly focused on Personal Learning Networks (PLNs). Perhaps the ONL itself is an exampleContinue reading “Topic 3 : Learning in Communities”

Topic 2 : Openness

Topic 2 deepened my knowledge and thought process in being ‘open’. The webinar by Maha Bali was very engaging and enriching. Some of the information that she shared, such as those related to social justice, as well as regional variations of open content (such as Wikipedia having different quality and even information in different languagesContinue reading “Topic 2 : Openness”