Reflecting on the reflections

The type of reflections that was required for the ONL course have been quite different from my disorganized and ad-hoc reflections that I normally make. In ordinary cases, I constantly reflect on my teaching and development of courses. When I talk to colleagues, when I watch documentaries, scroll on social media or before, during and […]

Just mix it

Even though the term blended learning is frequently used, there is ambiguity about what it actually means (Oliver and Trigwell 2005). Researchers have discussed the problems with such ambiguity of definitions Oliver and Trigwell 2005) while others have raised such ambiguity and the fact that it means different things to different people, as the untapped […]

why is student collaboration a thing?

Among my colleagues, I feel that there still is this discussion on what type of learning activities create the best opportunities for reaching the intended learning outcome. My personal reflection is that there are those that argue for a teacher focus where the teacher is the strongest voice in the classroom. In such cases, the […]

DO i need digital literacy?

Are we assuming digital literacy these days? And is it fair to do so? In our course descriptions, we write that students need computers and wifi. That seems fair given the era we live in. But we do not write that they must possess some kind of digital literacy, that is assumed. And it seems […]

Open learning

Are our old norms changing after the pandemic? Could it be that we were forced to move a bit from teacher centric to learning centric and that it therefore feels reasonable not to only have monologue lectures as standard teaching? Even though it is still the content focus and that it is an end result […]