Openness is winning … but must be safeguarded

Topic 2 in the ONL course focuses on „Open learning – Sharing and Openness“. Before diving into the topic in my thinking the terms „learning“ and „openness“ already were linked together. My starting point regarding learning, openness and sharing Learning requires openness. Unless I am open-minded and acknowledge that the current state of my being […]

A digital immigrant visiting the online world …

Topic 1 in ONL 192 revolves around „online participation & digital literacies“. Most of the discussions I remember on this topic are regularly held using the catchwords „Digital Natives“ versus „Digital Immigrants“ (Prenski, 2001). Who belongs to which group depends on the age of the person. In the last two weeks I have realized that […]

Blogging … Me? … Really?

The first topic in ONL 192 focuses on digital literacies and how we currently move through and act in the digital world. Am I a temporary „visitor“ to the 24/7/365 world of the Internet? What would I gain, what would I loose if I tried to develop into a „resident“ in the digital world? Blogging […]

My First Blog Post

These are my first steps in blogging. Participating in ONL192 requires me to regularly produce a blog for each of the topics we will discuss in the course. Stay tuned for my reflections on my learning process in ONL192.