Reflection week

I’ve thought a lot about my earlier blog posts and I think I’ve made some progress in class understanding. In my second and third posts I said something to the effect of “I have no idea what’s going on.” Now I think I come to an understanding about the topic around the time the topicContinue reading “Reflection week”

Openness in teaching as it relates to my subject material

In my field, for both teaching and research, there is significant computer code in the form of high-level scripting languages. Popular choices include, but are definitely not limited to, MATLAB, Python, and R. Even very specific, advanced software has a scripting option which allows you to explore a complex space through basically, a text boxContinue reading “Openness in teaching as it relates to my subject material”

Further thoughts about this class and my challenges participating

I am totally out of my element in this class. Whereas my electrical engineering degrees are usually an asset when it comes to digital literacy, I find they are a significant weakness when it comes to discussing digital literacy. I also, apparently, use the internet exclusively in visitor mode so it seems I don’t haveContinue reading “Further thoughts about this class and my challenges participating”

First week

I am interested to know how this PBL work will go. I just received an email list of individuals in my group. After some light internet/google stalking I find the individuals represent the following list of fields: Physiotherapy, textiles, didactics, linguistics, Sociology, Education. No engineering or physical sciences participant. Also, arguably no mathematics participants althoughContinue reading “First week”