Social Learning

I came across the idea of connectivism (Siemens, 2004) many years ago in a graduate class. In this topic, I am reviewing the definition. Connectivism suggests that learning is a social connected process: 1. learning as a network forming process 2. networked learning involves forming conceptual connections 3. networked learning through external social spaces (social … Continue reading Social Learning


Open Education in Higher Education & Open Pedagogy

Attitude towards openness Of the topics discussed by PBL08, one of them was: “what does open mean to us? How open would we be in sharing our resources?” Although the modern open education movement started in 2002, this remains a common question from faculty. Open education is founded on foundations of openness, sharing, critical pedagogy, … Continue reading Open Education in Higher Education & Open Pedagogy


About Me

Verily TAN is Senior Education Specialist. In CDTL, she focuses in the areas on blended/online learning, academic development, and Learning Communities. Verily has teaching and research experiences in Singapore as well as the United States, where she obtained her Master’s degree in Learning Sciences and Ph.D in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University Bloomington. Her … Continue reading About Me


I used to think… rethinking over-simplified notions about digital literacies

I was exposed to the terms “digital natives” around 2005 (Prensky, 2001). It seemed a fascinating idea through the lens of my observations of my students and nephews. They pick up photo and video editing with much less effort than I could and constantly multi task while on social media and tackling homework. Indeed it … Continue reading I used to think… rethinking over-simplified notions about digital literacies