Topic 5 Final Reflection

  Looking back on the past three months, I realize this course wasn’t just about learning new things; it was a journey that encouraged my love for learning and working with others. One of the biggest things I’ll take away from this course is the power of teamwork. Sharing ideas with the members of my […]

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Topic 4 GenAI in Education: Friend or Foe? Balancing Benefits and Risks

Generative AI is revolutionizing the field of education. Its potential to change the way students learn, teachers teach, and educational content is created is truly remarkable. Studies have shown that generative AI can effectively adapt to each student’s individual strengths, weaknesses, and learning pace, leading to personalized learning experiences. This individualized approach helps to increase learner engagement, […]


The Power (and Challenges) of Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is seen as a valuable approach that promotes critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and the development of 21st-century skills such as communication, teamwork, and adaptability. As a university teacher for more than twenty years, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible benefits of collaborative learning. It’s not always easy to implement, but when done right, it […]


Topic 1#ONL241 Finding My Place in the Digital Ocean

Last week’s webinar inspired me to question myself, am I a digital Resident or a Visitor? White and Le Cornu’s framework suggests that Visitors view the web as a toolset, while Residents see it as a community – a place to connect and share with others (White & Le Cornu, 2011). I use various platforms […]

Connecting week

Hello everybody! My name is Vesna, and I am an English teacher at the University of Novi Sad in Serbia. I have a great love for nature, and I enjoy spending time outdoors. Although I’m not much of a morning person, I always start my day with a cup of espresso and soak up the […]

Hello world!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! Through this blog, I will share insights, experiences, and practical tips gained from my journey through the ONL241 course#ONL241. I invite you all to share your thoughts, ideas, and questions in the comments below each post. Let’s make this digital space a place where we can all learn […]