Start of the journey

Dear fellow ONL222 participants, I was able to set up the reflection page, although I still struggle a bit to customise it more to my needs 🙂 I choose the wording “Evade Holzwege” which is based on an extended meaning of the German word “Holzweg”. Literally it means a wooden path or road and we […]

Topic 2: What is openness and how to use it?

The overall theme for the second topic of the course was openness in education, in all its manifestations. The scenario for this topic read as follows: “As the current pandemic situation evolves, a return to full in-person teaching and learning seems highly unlikely and the expansion of online education is likely to continue. How do […]

BP4 – Design for online and blended learning

First of all, this is a very personal perspective and a particular experience. Second, I feel that this blog is somewhat the second part of my previous blog – BP3 -Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning. Third, let me give context to my post by starting from the course I have just completed teaching […]


On a journey to the communal well-being – topic 3: Developing teachers’ well-being skills

Third topic of the training was focusing on the teachers’ well-being but also the well-being of the community. This is something I have learned: 1) It was very interesting was to stop and think about what are we talking about when we are talking about well-being. Who’s well-being are we talking about? Is there suchContinue reading “On a journey to the communal well-being – topic 3: Developing teachers’ well-being skills”