What did I learn?

ONL211 course finished almost a month ago, and it is time to reflect what I have learned and how has ONL211 changed my thoughts of online learning and teaching.   I have to say that it is really difficult to write a clear and cohesive text about all the things I have learned about online learning and teaching in past three months. I will pick a few ideas thatContinue reading “What did I learn?”


Why I am here?

A couple of years ago I started a blended learning project with a colleague. The project started really quickly: I got the idea in the beginning of summer holidays and found a project partner in August. Luckily, my project partner was more experienced in blended learning and online teaching than I was. We were bothContinue reading “Why I am here?”

Learning in Communities

Learning in communities is of course nothing new. Nevertheless it may be a very efficient way of learning [1].  First, learning in a community is fun ! One gets to share the knowledge, clear misconceptions and gain deeper understanding through dis…

Blended learning

Blended learning is mixed up in my mind into active learning. By active learning, I understand giving the students something ‘more’ than teacher talking alone for 1.5 hours. But blended learning (BL) is actually about blending face-to-face and online t…


Topic 5: Reflectionata

This is my final post of the course, my last lullaby, my reflection sonata. It has been an educational experience in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Our PBL group 8 had really great facilitators (Patrik and Natalie), who kept us up to date about everything, and anything, course related. We had 100% freedom to go […]

Topic 4: Will it blend?

Blended learning is a hot topic, since the post-covid world might force us to use more blended classes, where some students are present physically and others virtually (=remotely). Blended learning also means that internet tools, such as Kahoot, are applied in the classroom – which can then also be utilised by remotely participating students, so […]