Topic 2

Today more and more courses are given on the Web. The old personal interaction between teachers and students are disappearing. I feel that this is sad. If one has a course with hundreds of students a Web course is appropriate. The managers at universities are also often happy with web courses because one teacher can […]

Topic I

I feel somewhat insecure when posting information on the web. The general rule that what you have posted, you can never take back, is still true.
When I study my trash mail, I can find emails that have been sent using information that I have had on the…

Topic I

When working with an online course or in an online environment one has often to work with a lot of tools. If the number of tools is too high the user often gets confused. Here are the 33 tools I use on a daily basis in my work. If I am enrolled on an online […]


Reflections and lessons learnt

Interesting, fatiguing but foremost rewarding…. Reflecting back on this ONL is at the same time a reflection on my first, almost whole, year at Arcada. Taking part of the ONL course was valuable since it gave me a better understanding of how working with PBL groups feels from a student perspective. I feel learning collaboratively […]

Topic 4, Learning design – not yet there….

This topic was by far the most interesting to me. This topic nicely connects all the previous topics in this ONL-course and gives me tools to design future courses. It seems to be a good way of planning courses in a more thoughtful manner, taking the different learners perspectives in account in a more structured […]