ONL course: contents, experiences, and reflections

The ONL course has provided several valuable insights into pedagogical theory and practice on different levels: with regards to the course contents, in terms of an experience of collaborative learning in a digital context, and finally in provoking reflection on how to implement teaching in different settings. Contentwise several topics have become more familiar to […]

Perspectives to online and blended learning

Providing education through online settings either in full or in combination with on-site learning can benefit from analytical examination through different pedagogical models. I will go through three perspectives that can be used in highlighting different aspects of online and blended learning. From the teacher’s perspective, the TPACK model by Koehler & Mishra (2009) relates […]

Collaborative learning for the win

Collaborative learning seems to provide significant benefits for learning as students can observe one another learning, ask questions from their peers, bring their own perspectives for other students, learn to work in groups and so forth. However, at the same time students can experience group work as tedious and needlessly complicated and just divide their […]

Open educational practices as a double-edged sword

Open educational practices and resources seem to provide both opportunities for social justice but also challenges for teachers, students, and organizations. I feel somewhat divided about open education: while it certainly has potential in improving equity and it should used in providing education for those who are disadvantaged in accessing education, it can also drain […]

Digital literacy & pedagogy

I have not had a clear perception of my own digital literacy – I have used the tools university has provided me with without much effort, at times reading through manuals and searching for solutions if problems have arisen. The metaphor of visitors and residents by White and Le Cornu (2011) provided me with a […]

Topic 2

Today more and more courses are given on the Web. The old personal interaction between teachers and students are disappearing. I feel that this is sad. If one has a course with hundreds of students a Web course is appropriate. The managers at universities are also often happy with web courses because one teacher can […]

Topic I

I feel somewhat insecure when posting information on the web. The general rule that what you have posted, you can never take back, is still true.
When I study my trash mail, I can find emails that have been sent using information that I have had on the…