Teaching AI and creativity

Last week I worked on adding a new lecture to my Creative Concept development course. The lecture focused on using AI in creative work, especially in the early phases of design.I started with this video Introduction to a AI and creativity.And of cours…

Topic 3  Collaboration – Working Together for Good

Topic 3, Learning in communities, kicked off with the webinar given by Kay Oddone, Learning in communities 2022-11-07. I also watched her YouTube video, PLNs Theory and Practice, part 1, in which Kay describes insights from her research on “teachers’ experience of professional learning through personal learning networks (PLNs).” I learnt about networked collaborative learning, the […]

From bird to elephant

I am writing this on December 20th 2022. While I have been on Twitter since 2009 and was a fan of the community (especially science and science education tweeps), things have gotten nastier lately. I think what got to me was the recent policy (which may have been scrapped, but who knows) of not including […]

Summarizing reflection

For the summarizing reflection I have made some shorter reflections. Before embarking on them, my main reflection has been that this course has given me the opportunity to find a space where I actually can reflect and work together with others on topics I never have time to work on otherwise. My teaching, especially online, […]

Increasing interaction in online learning

Increasing interaction in my online courses is one of those topics that I keep thinking about. On one hand, I want my online and remote students engaged in the course because otherwise, they drop out or under-perform, but on the other hand, I also want to minimize the amount of interaction I have to put […]

Topic 5: What have I learned during ONL?

What are the most important things you have learned through your engagement in the ONL course? Why? As I actually don’t even own a degree in pedagogy this has probably been more of an introduction to that whole topic than for most other learners. But what an introduction it has been. Even if we ignore […]