Connecting 26 Sep

Great to meet the facilitators, participants and especially members of PBL Group 7 on Zoom (Anna from Finland, Florentina from Switzerland, Thomas & Meilin from Sweden, Melissa from South Africa. Melinna was not able to attend today). Facilitator Gregor tried to coordinate 2 common times for group meetings but it was quite challenging. Due to […]

ONL222 Intro Briefing 22 Sep

Hosted by Alan Soong and met SG fellow participants on Zoom. It felt like taking a ride on Thunder Mountain :-). I had no doubt that it would be an exhilarating experience but the initial part would be a steep climb for me. Alan spoke about the use of collaborative tools like Miro, Padlets, etc. […]


Reflections and lessons learnt

Interesting, fatiguing but foremost rewarding…. Reflecting back on this ONL is at the same time a reflection on my first, almost whole, year at Arcada. Taking part of the ONL course was valuable since it gave me a better understanding of how working with PBL groups feels from a student perspective. I feel learning collaboratively […]

Topic 4, Learning design – not yet there….

This topic was by far the most interesting to me. This topic nicely connects all the previous topics in this ONL-course and gives me tools to design future courses. It seems to be a good way of planning courses in a more thoughtful manner, taking the different learners perspectives in account in a more structured […]


Connecitivism and teams as learning communities

As knowledge today is changing rapidly the ability to see, and make connections in the vast amount of new knowledge is crucial. Also, with a massive amount of knowledge a crucial skill today is to rapidly evaluate whether something is worth knowing or not (Siemens, 2004) Siemens (2004) argues that technology has changed our societies […]

DigitiZAtion of a nation

So I asked on my Facebook what I could write about for today’s blog with the theme of education in the new era. Ironically, the only response was the lack ICT in South African public schools. Abbreviated for Information, and Communication Technology, i…

Reflection on Topic 5: Lessons learnt – future practice

The ONL journey came to the end, but my journey of improving my teaching with blended learning has just started. This course definitely fostered my teaching expertise and skills very much. The course ended with Topic 5 titled: Lessons learnt – future practice, which is another thing I valued on the design of this course. […]