Topic 4 reflection – Quiet black tiles on the Zoom screen

The CoI Framework The CoI Framework presents 3 key elements that are key to creating a meaningful online learning experience – cognitive presence, social presence, and teaching presence (Swan et al., 2009). Making sense of past online teaching challenge This framework helped me to make sense of my experience teaching an online course during the […]

The End of the Journey: Unforgettable Course Experience

As I sit to write my final blog about this course, my heart is full of gratitude, and thoughts swirl around my mind. The experiences have been enlightening and encouraging, shaping my understanding of online learning and its dynamics. One of the key insights I’ve gathered from this course is the immense importance of a…


Enhanching engagement in an online teaching environment

In this blog post I reflect on what I have learned about creating engaging online activities for synchronous  learning. For those who might not be that familiar with the concept of synchronous learning, it means that students are required to log in and participate in class at a specific time each week as compared to […]

My Journey Through the Digital Shift

Reflecting on the challenges of online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic, I realized that technological tools can be an asset but are not without obstacles. We tackled the assessment issue and the problem of determining individual contributions to group tasks. I’ve realized that while oral assessments can address this to an extent, they are not…

Tapping into The Power of Collaboration

As educators, we know that collaboration is critical to the learning experience, especially in an online environment. By working together, students can develop necessary thinking skills, increase their creativity, and construct knowledge and meaning in a more inclusive and culturally sensitive way. However, there are potential resistances to collaboration, such as different working styles, competitiveness,…


Harvesting maximum value from collaborative learning

This week’s ONL topic shed light on the essential elements required for effective collaborative learning. In my PBL Group meeting, one of the members asked these questions: “What’s so wrong with “divide and conquer”? I’ve always done it this way… Have I been doing collaboration wrong all this while?” This made me think more carefully […]

A Closer Look at Sharing and Openness in Education

In today’s day and age, Open Learning and sharing have become more relevant than ever before. With the advent of the internet and advanced technologies, learning has undergone a major transformation. However, this transformation has given rise to some concerns and questions regarding the impact of Open Learning on traditional methods of learning. One such…


AI tools and Open Learning

In topic two we dove into thinking about the benefits and challenges of openness in education and learning. Our group focused on multiple questions related to open learning: What are the advantages and disadvantages of AI integration in learning and is co-existing with AI possible for Educators or Subject Matter Experts, what are different support […]