Open or closed?

The second topic of ONL 192 was about openness in teaching and learning. Although the focus of the course is online learning, this particular topic is very relevant to many kinds of teaching. From my experience in working with classical music (primarily instrumentalists and chamber music), open (masterclassses) and closed (private lessons) teaching play outFortsätt läsa “Open or closed?”

Topic 2 – Openness and sharing in higher education

What does openness mean to me? Concerning research, openness is important to reach as many readers as possible. It may however sometimes be challenging considering costs for open access and ethical issues related to data sharing. Concerning teaching, I have so far not shared my lectures online with open access. However, this course has given […]

My first time

So, I’m in the ONL192 online course and this is my first experience with online learning. Or is it really? Now when thinking about it I realize that I everyday use the internet to learn loads of different things. Both practical stuff where the searchability and video format are incredibly powerful tools, detailed information that […]


Topic 2: Open Learning-Sharing and Openness

In topic two, I had a chance to learn about sharing and openness, and think about the pros and cons of openness in teaching and learning. In a sense, like the visitor and residence continuum in the digital world, there is a continuum of sharing and openness. I might be very open at times, as […]

About me and this blog

About me Hello, my name is Diego.I am from Brazil and works at UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro’s Federal University). I am not a teacher, but I work directly with education through administrative work. I am also a lawyer and curious about all kinds of knowledge that can help in my personal development.Therefore, education is very […]


Topic 1: Online participation and digital literacies

Open networked learning course had kicked off, and it has already introduced me to new concepts like native digitals and immigrant digitals as two distinct groups within digital literacy. But wait! Like any other concept we use in social sciences, digital literacy, which is often defined as “those capabilities which fit an individual for living, […]