ONL day 1 – commencement of a journey

What do I think after the first meeting in this course? Hm. First and foremost that we’re a nice and diverse bunch of people with everyone seemingly eager to learn from each other. That’s a good start! Additionally, that it’s going to be useful to be open-minded and that it’s more than ok to be […]

Topic 5: Lessons learnt – future practice

… the end of journey… or just the first step This was the last week of the ONL221 course. This week we reflected about what this course was about, what we learn, the experiences that we shared and the tools that we will bring to our future practice. Personally, I believe that this course was […]

Topic 4: Design for online and blended learning

When Covid arrived in 2020, and we had to close the university and move online, I wish I knew about all the opportunities that online would bring to my teaching practice. At the beginning, it felt impossible to be able to teach online 200+ students a topic that usually is taught on a classroom, specially […]

Reflections on my journey

This final topic came so quickly that among our daily duties I suddenly realized it was our last meeting, last webinar , last task to be completed… When I look back at these hours since February 2022 which I spent on reading , watching, talking and writing I feel  satisfied as well as fulfilled. I […]

Topic 2: What is openness and how to use it?

The overall theme for the second topic of the course was openness in education, in all its manifestations. The scenario for this topic read as follows: “As the current pandemic situation evolves, a return to full in-person teaching and learning seems highly unlikely and the expansion of online education is likely to continue. How do […]

How to blend in person and online teaching

Design for online and blended learning Topic 4 concerning the design for online and blended learning seemed for me even more difficult than previous ones. I was afraid that we would have to prepare a given syllabus to show that now we know how to do it whereas I still am not sure. Luckily we […]


Topic 3 – Collaborative Learning

… where we did everything but work collaboratively. This is end of topic 3 in the ONL221 course, and it was hard. Let me start from the beginning… Topic 3 was focused on Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning. As its name implies, this was about our experience working in teams or having our […]