About me

Hi, Recently I started a course in online learning called Open Networked Learning (ONL). The course ”addresses teachers, course designers, educational developers and learning technologists in higher education” (ONL212). My interest in the course come from my role as lecturer at Luleå university of technology (LTU) where I often have students participating on distance. AtFortsätt läsa “About me”

Hello world!

Just to be clear, this is not just another WordPress site! It is brave and also vulnerable to say that I also feel very new to this process and anxious as many may be at this stage about the digital environment and excited at the same time about what I will be exposed to through… Continue reading Hello world!


We got connected!

Week 2, the connecting week, is now over and we are moving towards Topic 1: Online participation & digital literacies.The last week was interesting. It was lovely to meet all our PBL group members online and get to know each other a bit more. …



About Me 🙂 Hi Everyone! This is Swee Leong. I am currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore. I am looking forward to learn about teaching from this course and hope to interact with everyone here!

Cooperative Learning – Planning and Implementation

Collaborative Learning

What us Collaborative learning and what is Cooperative Learning? Often one can confuse the two, but believe me there are distinctive differences. What is Cooperative Learning?– A group of students work together on a structured activity, where the workload is split equally amongst the group members and each is responsible for their work. The groupContinue reading “Collaborative Learning”


Finish line

I picked a picture of a marathoner, because even though it was several years since I ran my last marathon, I still identify myself as a long distance runner and I know that finish line. Over the years, we all reach finish lines of various kinds. We finish school, we finish three spoons of sugar … Continue reading “Finish line”


What’s cooking?

Topic 4 was tasty. It tickled my appetite and even though I never do the cooking at home, I will try out and explore new recipes in my teaching. Blended learning could mean several things, but it does not necessarily mean a mix of campus (in-person) tutorials and online activities. It could mean (as in … Continue reading “What’s cooking?”