Who am I?

My name is Luisa and I am of this terrible type of person that to introduce myself I need to talk about where and what I do for work. Because, yeah, work is a huge part of my life and identity. But, do not worry, in the end I’ll l give you a little tasteContinue reading “Who am I?”


Who is writing?

Hi, I am a teacher and PhD student in Engineering at Linköping University who is interested in higher education pedagogy. My educator “career” started as lab- and seminar assistant and resulted later in full course responsibility. Apart from my ordinary teaching I also work at my university at a pedagogical support unit called Didacticum whichContinue reading “Who is writing?”


Now I am ready to start

I am now ready to start blogging. I have never blogged before and I am kind of leaving my Comfort zone now. Anyhow, I look forward to get started with next step in the ONL-course. Tomorrow I will meet my friends in the course at the first webinar.

Mitt första blogginlägg

Var dig själv; alla andra är redan upptagna. – Oscar Wilde. Det här är det första inlägget på min nya blogg. Jag har just kört igång den här bloggen, så kom gärna tillbaka för fler inlägg. Prenumerera nedan för att få ett meddelande när jag lägger upp nya inlägg.

TOPIC 3 – Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

Collaborative learning. I always like to start my articles with brief definitions of the main subject that will be dealt with, but in this post I must first say that so far this was the subject that definitely impacted me most, and possibly that will generate a great transformation in my relationship with education. Now,Continuar lendo “TOPIC 3 – Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning”