TOPIC 3 – Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

Collaborative learning. I always like to start my articles with brief definitions of the main subject that will be dealt with, but in this post I must first say that so far this was the subject that definitely impacted me most, and possibly that will generate a great transformation in my relationship with education. Now,Continuar lendo “TOPIC 3 – Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning”

TOPIC 2 – Open Learning – Sharing and Openness

“If there is no sharing, there is no teaching.” “Openness is about being generous.”  – David Wiley Second topic and new learning. This time I was introduced to a new world of online education that I didn’t know yet. What’s cool is that I’m increasingly identifying with that kind of knowledge. For starters, if youContinuar lendo “TOPIC 2 – Open Learning – Sharing and Openness”

Topic 4: Design for Online and Blended Learning

The era we now live in is characterized by rapidly increasing technological changes. While technology is advancing – the education system is working towards keeping up with the changes.  The large number of students entering tertiary education, shortage of teachers, working towards a green environment, etc. add to making sense to using a blending approachContinue reading “Topic 4: Design for Online and Blended Learning”


Topic 5: Lessons learnt – future practice

Thank you to all ONL Team, Lotta from Lund University and my fellows here at Lund with whom I had two lovely lunch meetings, Special thanks to the PBL Group 1 members: Our group facilitators: Alastair and Mboni, Our group members: Anna-Karin, Diego, Lorraine, Peter, and Yadhna! It has been lovely getting to know you, […]

Topic 1: Online Participation & Digital Literacies

Marc Prensky invented and popularized the terms digital natives and digital immigrants to describe respectively an individual born into the digital age and one adopting the appropriate skills later in life (Prensky, 2001). A digital immigrant refers to an individual who adopts technology later in life. So, I guess fall under the category of a digitalContinue reading “Topic 1: Online Participation & Digital Literacies”