New tools!

I am now making the last week of the ONL-course and I will summarize my thoughts. When doing so I will focus on what I have learnt and what I am going to do now with the new tools acquired.So what are the new tools in my toolbox? As I have told you bef…


The road to…

In the last topic we have discussed how to convince a department head that we need to work with online and blended learning. It has been good discussions and it is clear that we can come up with more reasons and arguments, both for and against, doing t…


My Precious – Universities and Open Learning

At a first glance universal access to education was for centuries limited for privileged people such as the nobleman, rich or religious representatives. Today the situation might look somehow better because theoretically everybody has the right to visit a school or university. Theoretically! Different reports show that there is still a gap to fill sinceContinue reading “My Precious – Universities and Open Learning”

Topic two

This topic is about sharing and openness. I start with the easiest part sharing. David Wiley talked about sharing is essential in teatching and I totally agree. I have no problems to share my thoughts about the subjects I teatch. I share my coursematerial to my colleuges when the ask me. Sometimes I get unsecureFortsätt läsa “Topic two”

Topic One Onl201

The topic was about online participation and digital literacies. In our group we tried to defined digital literacies as a concept and found that it was not easy. But we summerized it as ”the knowledge and skills to participate in essential ICT used activites”. We also talked about next level, digital competens when you useFortsätt läsa “Topic One Onl201”

Reflection week

In the ONL course I,m participating in I have to do some work this week. I have to sumerize topic one, two and start commet others bloggs. It has been a couple of quite hectic weeks with this course and making my ordinary job digital becouse of the Corona virus. One positive side about thisFortsätt läsa “Reflection week”


Word cloud and Challenges

Challenges with open Learning? Where to connect this Cable? During Topic 2 we have discussed the concept of open learning, opportunities and barriers with open Learning.  It is amazing how many different meanings of open learning there is, and …