Lessons Learned ONL202

What an amazing journey! I must admit that I was a bit reluctant to register for the course after knowing about the workload and efforts that are needed. Actually, it was a bit hard in the beginning since I felt insecure. It was my first experience being in an online learning community. However, after a while, […]


Online Blended Learning Community

Last week, I was thrilled by our deep dive discussion on the concept of collaborative learning and having a learning community that would bring more benefits for the learners and leads to a more fruitful outcome in the long run. This week, continuing the same trend, we investigate how to create and maintain the community learning while […]


Collaborative Learning

I must admit that I was really thrilled by enrolling myself in the ONL course and the interesting topics that we are discussing in our group. And the last two weeks we focused on “collaborative learning,” the purpose behind this type of learning and the relevant outcome.  Before reflecting on my own thoughts, let me […]

Stepping into conscious collaborative learning

Collaborative learning can be an intuitive process that takes place spontaneously when two or more students, for example, are working together on a homework exercise. But it can also be a conscious an guided learning process in which shared knowledge is created and transmitted while working towards achieving common learning goals[1]. How to make theFortsätt läsa “Stepping into conscious collaborative learning”