Topic 2

In relation to this topic, when we discussed what “open” really means, I came across an article by Sören Jonsson in my local paper, “Finland celebrates 10 years of open data” (2019), that I find has a bearing also on the concept of openness in education. In the article, open data is defined as “publicContinue reading “Topic 2”


Topic 1

I finally get around to reflecting on the first topic of the course. Well, in truth, I have reflected on the topic all along, but simply haven’t gotten around to write anything down until now. We had really interesting discussions in our PBL group, and I enjoyed collaborating through Zoom, Coggle, Padlet and Google Docs.Continue reading “Topic 1”

Openness in education – What is it about?

The last two weeks have been about openness in education. My first thoughts on this topic was that this is something that I don’t work a lot with, and also that I don’t really have any intention of doing so. However, when we have discussed this topic and I have read more about it I […]


My digital identity

The topic for the last two weeks has been online participation and digital literacies. I really like the idea that we should talk about digital literacies in plural because there are so many tools and you can be fluent in one and not in another. We have talked a lot about David White’s (see e.g. […]

Second Try #ONL192

After two meetings in my PBL Group I´m brave to write a next blog entry. Lotta, Miriam and my group members are so warmly. Thanks a lot:) I suspect a lot of work and I hope to perform the assignments.


Ten Years to start my blog

I bought my first domain 20 years ago. For at least the last 10 years I been thinking that I should start blogging, but I never came around. Now Im forced to do it to pass my first week in the ONL class that I have signed up for. Thats a good thing and hopefully […]

Who am I

My name is Simon Carlhed Ydhag and I live in Sweden Västerås together with my wife Carina. I work at Mälardalen University as an ICT strategist. Part time I also work at an SUNET as product owner for their media services. I have started this blog as an assignment in a course I am taking […]


Connecting Week ONL192

We have started connecting with our PBL groups this week on the ONL192 course and I am very excited about the learning I will embark on this week with the group. Immediately, what has surprised me, is how well connected everything is… every little app, every discussion, every thinking point is so well thought out […]