Topic 5

I think the main merit of participating in the course actually has been to take part in a structured online course entity, and through that becoming familiar with tools that can be useful when having to structure and run online and blended learning courses in the future. As this will be expected from us byContinue reading “Topic 5”

Topic 4

This topic got off to to a slow start for me, as I was on exchange at a partner university during the first week, thus missing out on the meeting held then, and thus finding it difficult to allocate time to contribute much during that week. Additionally, our group had by now shrunk to threeContinue reading “Topic 4”

Topic 3

Initially the theme of this topic seemed a bit off to me, and I found it hard to see the relevance. However, discussing the concept of collaborative learning proved very valuable, and having thought about this and related it to cooperative activities has actually proved useful already. Though I still don’t think that we shouldContinue reading “Topic 3”

Topic 2

In relation to this topic, when we discussed what “open” really means, I came across an article by Sören Jonsson in my local paper, “Finland celebrates 10 years of open data” (2019), that I find has a bearing also on the concept of openness in education. In the article, open data is defined as “publicContinue reading “Topic 2”


Topic 1

I finally get around to reflecting on the first topic of the course. Well, in truth, I have reflected on the topic all along, but simply haven’t gotten around to write anything down until now. We had really interesting discussions in our PBL group, and I enjoyed collaborating through Zoom, Coggle, Padlet and Google Docs.Continue reading “Topic 1”

Openness in education – What is it about?

The last two weeks have been about openness in education. My first thoughts on this topic was that this is something that I don’t work a lot with, and also that I don’t really have any intention of doing so. However, when we have discussed this topic and I have read more about it I […]