Implementing Soft Skills

I have worked with soft skills in Engineering Education for a while. And quite recently, I held a presentation at the 9:th Development Conference for Engineering Education.For engineering students, having both soft and hard skills is essential for a su…


Final Reflection for ONL231

I liken my journey in ONL to be like an aircraft flight. During take-off, the learning curve was steep and there was slight uncertainty and anxiety, but it eventually cruises during the flight — we became comfortable with each other’s virtual presence, had fun talking and sharing ideas, completing the assignments without much friction (“turbulences”) […]


Overcoming obstacles of implementing a blended learning course

Where do I start? This is going to be a post sharing my personal journey and the first-hand experiences I had supporting a blended learning initiative. I was heavily involved in the first rollout of Blended Learning 2.0 @NUS. It was challenging because everyone had a different understanding of what blended learning was. In general, […]

Behaviourism versus Constructivism

Learning is Social

Before I started ONL, I briefly read about the shift in learning approaches — from behaviourism (which was how we were taught growing up) to social constructivism. In my own education journey, we did not have much of project works or group work in our curriculum, but we sometimes hear the term “study group” — […]