Digital literacies

This topic has been interesting and I can relate to it as I have had a similar topic for my first-year students. We have during that topic looked at the student’s digital literacy as well as their digital footprint. When listening to the Webinar with David White I started thinking about the age implication. I […]

Topic 5

Learning experience in this course has been kind of an interesting lesson in itself. Looking at the four modes of learning as expressed by Professor Richard Elmore, I think I expected the course to be like so many others, on an hierarchical individual level. But to my surprise, looking back, I think I have mentally […]

Reflecting on the reflections

The type of reflections that was required for the ONL course have been quite different from my disorganized and ad-hoc reflections that I normally make. In ordinary cases, I constantly reflect on my teaching and development of courses. When I talk to colleagues, when I watch documentaries, scroll on social media or before, during and […]



The title of this blog post was the first thing that came to mind while reflecting on this whole journey. It has been an amazing experience, totally different from everything that I have experienced before, and thus totally rewarding. I have definitely grown as an individual in terms of personal learning, and a lot of […]

Topic 4

I think the idea of blended learning comes with a few benefits that I myself have not reflected much upon before reading up on the concept. Hybrid learning, i.e., to have a mix between at campus and online students (Kenney and Newcombe, 2011), is something I am very used to, both as a teacher and […]


Topic 4: Design for online and blended learning

Over the past year, many designers, teachers, lecturers and facilitators needed to embrace online learning for the first time. This caused a high level of anxiety for some while others seemed to have adapted easily. While working through this course and exploring the Community of Inquiry, I feel that this adaptation was easier for thoseContinue reading “Topic 4: Design for online and blended learning”