Sharing and openness in learning

The topic for this phase in the online course Open Networked Learning we talked about how we share different types of learning material. I had previously a bad experience from this (you can see my flipgrid reflection about it here). One of the things t…


Adapting examination

Franck presents one of the pitches.In a business development course, I am responsible for, the final presentation and examination consists of a final pitch that is similar to the famous Dragons’ den series in which entrepreneurs get three minutes to pi…


Zoomifying my lectures

I now had one of my first lecture on distance after the Coronavirus hit.  I had previously had some oral exams, two dissertations and coaching on distance, but this was the first lecture.This lecture was also part of a pedagogic development course…

On Teaching and Learning with Digital Tools in Computer Science

In the last five years, I started digitizing campus courses and developing new online courses to be exclusively given to industrial professionals. I worked on evolving the interaction with students in this new setting. Nowadays, after several finished instances, I realized that my teaching has evolved and I am adopting blended learning techniques throughout theContinue reading “On Teaching and Learning with Digital Tools in Computer Science”

Heikki and a little bit more about the work with Topic 1

Topic 1 dealt with digital literacies. A whole bunch of new, at least new for me, concepts were introduced and explained. The sense of being totally lost did diminish gradually, but did not disappear. This brave new world seems to be much more complicated as it seemed to be previously. Talks about meems, remixing, putting … Continue reading Heikki and a little bit more about the work with Topic 1


Oral exam on distance

Yesterday I performed an oral exam with the first four students in one of my courses, in the course Creative Concept development (M7016T) the assignment is plan and document a three-day creative workshop for a specific team (based on different scenario…


PhD Defense in corona times

Christo, the local audience and the remote audience.One of my PhD students, Christo Dordlofva was to graduate on March 17, with a grading board from three different universities in Sweden and external examiner (opponent) from Texas. But due to restrict…