In my previous lecture, I talked about how AI can be used in early phases of the development process.

And in my course, I usually go through the following steps:

  1. Theory, where I present the current topic.
  2. Group exercise, we know that students learn better through active learning, and that the retention rate of performing something is much higher then just listen to someone describing the content.  
  3. Quiz, after the lecture, they typically repeat a similar exercise individually.
  4. Teamwork, finally they repeat a similar exercise in their team. 
So the quiz was the following discussion n Canvas (the LMS we use at LTU)

The quiz/discussion for the AI-lecture


Or how can you design a hearing aid that looks like a butterfly?
Or uncomfortable chairs


I really like using discussion questions where students have to do something and then answer or act on other students’ content. It makes the Quiz more fun and interactive; when the student has posted their picture, they will see all others’ posts. Also, here students have the possibility to build on others’ ideas…

AI and creativity – part 2