Reflections on my journey

This final topic came so quickly that among our daily duties I suddenly realized it was our last meeting, last webinar , last task to be completed… When I look back at these hours since February 2022 which I spent on reading , watching, talking and writing I feel  satisfied as well as fulfilled. I […]

Topic 2: What is openness and how to use it?

The overall theme for the second topic of the course was openness in education, in all its manifestations. The scenario for this topic read as follows: “As the current pandemic situation evolves, a return to full in-person teaching and learning seems highly unlikely and the expansion of online education is likely to continue. How do […]

Blogs are weird but useful

ONL have been an eye opening for me, seeing different people from different cultured participating in the same activities. Even if we were all teachers, we still come from different placed and have different ideas about many things. We have written blo…

Reflections about collaborative learning

Topic 3 is about learning in communities and learning in collaborative learning. Most of the time, when we ask students to do a collaborative work, they end up by sharing the work into sub-tasks and then they do these sub-tasks individually. Collaborative learning is much more than that. In our PBL group, we focused our […]

The future of blended learning

The future of higher education is spelled blended learning. At least where we are right now, making a clear distinction between what’s ‘real’ and what’s ‘online’ In the future, this division will most certainly be more blurred as technology will become more integrated in our corporality. Everything will be blended, or perhaps merged, so to […]


Reflection week (11th-17th April)

After the end of Topic 2, we had a reflection week to catch up with the blogging, reflections, tasks… It was also Easter Week and, for me, the beginning of a 10-day period I had to substitute my boss, being in charge of the outreach board of my university. So, I couldn’t really catch up […]