What remains for me to say? The course demanded more from me than I thought. You quickly get lost in the individual topics because each one is exciting and has so many facets and you always want to know more and more. I got to know some new tools, but I don’t know yet whether I will continue to use them in my own courses. I am rather pragmatic and take what is easy and helpful (it should be about the content I want to teach and not about the tools). But I will certainly keep my eyes open for new possibilities / tools and test one every now and then.

Since I don’t teach much online, I’ve been trying to find a link how can I integrate something similar for face-to-face teaching, and I’ve found that it’s all about the same thing for me: motivating learners to get involved, collaborate, engage them and give them skills, whether online or on-site.

Would I recommend the course to others? Absolutely! You are challenged, get out of your comfort zone, develop content with others, help to evolve the course itself, and learn through the other groups that there are even more solutions and many different paths are possible. I am looking forward to meeting my PBL group again, to see what the others have done and to follow the development of the course and maybe be a co-facilitator.

Reflections on Topic 5: Lessons learnt – future practice