It is totally clear that only giving texts, reading them and discuss them in a group is not a very sophisticated design for online learning. An effective design helps to create engaging and interactive learning experiences that support student learning outcomes. So what could it be? PBL is a well known and approved approach. It challenges the learners and give same opportunities because there is not only one way to solve a problem. But PBL is not online for online or blended learning it is also helpful for on-site courses.

And of course you should not forget the basic requirements, like ensure that the design is accessible, user-friendly and meets the diverse needs of all learners, the need for clear and concise communication as well as giving space and time for collaboration and interaction.

It is my job as a teacher facilitator to make a common thread visible, to show what the goal is, to provide learners with different sources, to guide them, but at the same time encourage them to look for other ideas and try new ways.

Reflections on Topic 4: Design for online and blended learning