Imagine participating in a study group or a project with a team of like-minded individuals who are also learning and exploring a topic that you’re interested in (like in ONL). Of course you can learn from the other participants by working  together and sharing ideas perhaps leading to a deeper (or another?) understanding. But it is not all about you, it is also about the group. It is a circle of giving and that requires openness. The work you do together is a common good. Maybe there will be an assessment / grading at the end, but your group work is not only for the teacher it is for the group and for yourself – together with the teacher. You have a common goal and that is what should be in the foreground. Every learner has  something that he/she can bring in, but the roles and tasks should not always be the same, facilitators/teachers should encourage learbers to come out of their comfort zone and a collaborative learning network could be a secure respectful place to try new things.

I perceived this type of collaborative learning like we did it as joyful and effective way to learn, as it provides the opportunity for social interaction, new perspectives as well as engaging because you don’t want to let the others down and motivation to finish a task/topic because you have to present it to the other groups.

Reflections on Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning