Open Minds

I must admit that the talk by Maha Bali opened up several avenues of thought for me concerning open education. Previously my perception of open education was perhaps somewhat naive and oversimplified – to me, it was mainly a matter of cost. Textbooks, case studies, reference books and other teaching materials can be a heavyContinue reading “Open Minds”


Creative Commons for Education

Google is to web search, as Kleenex is to facial tissue. In fact, having googled the answer myself, I found out that google, the verb, is a proper English term. It has been since 2006. according to this article on We appreciate the efficiency and accuracy of the Google algorithm to get us the resources we want. Next, we select the ones relevant to …

How open is open?

The team sessions and webinars of the last few weeks have made me wonder about the boundaries of openness. Who defines them? Is it the individual, the organization, or perhaps the circumstance and need? Making students’ work public or sharing them within a closed group has been debated in several institutes of higher learning. Also,Continue reading “How open is open?”

Sharing and openness in education.

Openness in education Enjoying education without restriction, this is my understanding of what a open education is about. Wiley and Green, mentioned that there are three principal influence of openness on education: open educational resources, ope…


Redrawing the lines

I put my hand up when the question was asked which topic I would be happy to co-lead. Openness and sharing- an ethos I resonate with. I especially liked this definition “Openness can be conceived of as an attitude or worldview which includes making oneself vulnerable, narrating one’s own practice and sharing one’s incomplete scholarshipContinue reading “Redrawing the lines”



Openness in my world has led to advancement, extensive collaboration in the face of pressing needs. An explosion of information overload. From individual patient medical and health data to global scale pandemic solutions. Ideally sharing would allow access to others to recreate and circulate. What better way to make new knowledge accessible for all toContinue reading “OPEN”

Digital Literacy(ies?)

The concept of literacy has become more multi-faceted and complex as technology, pedagogy and social consciousness have progressed. Just being able to read and write in one language is no longer sufficient in today’s society and workplace. Today it’s widely acknowledged that there are multiple literacies and literacies are not necessarily universal, but contextual toContinue reading “Digital Literacy(ies?)”

Openness Learning: Weighing the Pros & Cons of Quality Assurance

Prior to learning about topic 2, I was wondering about the quality assurance of resources in Open Learning platform. However, at the completion of Topic 2, I feel that my perceptions towards open learning has changed- it is not that bad after all! I analyzed the concept of quality assurance in relation to openness learningContinue reading “Openness Learning: Weighing the Pros & Cons of Quality Assurance”

Performing teams

I am a believer in teamwork, collaboration, cooperation, synergy. As the world shrinks and brings learners together the power of teamwork becomes ever apparent. The journey of the past several weeks has been energizing and motivating, in large part due to the diversity and investment of the collective. In the 1960s Bruce Tuckman put forthContinue reading “Performing teams”


Professional digital identity.

Professional Digital Identity    Professional Digital Identity, what is it, why do we need it, and how can we create it and maintain it? These are the questions that I wish to explore in this short blog post.    A Professi…