Topic 3  Collaboration – Working Together for Good

Topic 3, Learning in communities, kicked off with the webinar given by Kay Oddone, Learning in communities 2022-11-07. I also watched her YouTube video, PLNs Theory and Practice, part 1, in which Kay describes insights from her research on “teachers’ experience of professional learning through personal learning networks (PLNs).” I learnt about networked collaborative learning, the […]


ONL222 – Summing It Up!

My key takeaways: Group Dynamics – Know how to satisfactorily reconcile different perspectives especially if a group member takes a strong stand. I observed three approaches. A)  As the stakes were low in the course, there was nothing to gain by disagreeing which might create unpleasantness and tension. Member A always conceded and went with […]

Topic 5

Insights I think i learned about the key requirements needed to build an online course that participants could find useful. I learnt about how to create spaces for interaction and reflection, how to foster collaboration in groups and encourage learner participation. I also learned about new tools, many of which I have now started to […]

Topic 4

My Current Practice I have developed 2 Open Educational Resources and am in the process of developing a MOOC for ultrasound education. The OERs are as follows: Designing and developing both of them have been a learning experience for me. I started learning wordpress from scratch on my own and have integrated a […]


Topic 4: Blended Learning

What is blended learning? We grappled with the definition and concluded that it could be ‘anything we want it to be’. To me, blended learning is like a smoothie – a mixture of several nutritious ingredients carefully titrated (balanced) to cater to customers’ preferences and optimize health benefits. The product is constrained by the ingredients […]

Topic 3: Collaborative Learning

Like the previous two topics, I believe that collaborative learning (CL) has a gradation of values. There must be a clear purpose for CL. In the right situation, the benefits of CL are indisputable. For e.g. in research, it will be inefficient for each researcher to work individually, making the same mistakes, duplicating data and […]