About Me

Verily TAN is Senior Education Specialist. In CDTL, she focuses in the areas on blended/online learning, academic development, and Learning Communities. Verily has teaching and research experiences in Singapore as well as the United States, where she obtained her Master’s degree in Learning Sciences and Ph.D in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University Bloomington. Her … Continue reading About Me


I used to think… rethinking over-simplified notions about digital literacies

I was exposed to the terms “digital natives” around 2005 (Prensky, 2001). It seemed a fascinating idea through the lens of my observations of my students and nephews. They pick up photo and video editing with much less effort than I could and constantly multi task while on social media and tackling homework. Indeed it … Continue reading I used to think… rethinking over-simplified notions about digital literacies


Open Networked Learning Course (ONL212), Topic 1: Digital Classrooms and Flamenco

I am now in the second week of Topic 1 of ONL212 (Online Participation and Digital Literacies). For our Topic 1 groupwork, my group has decided to explore the concept of a ‘digital classroom’. Based on my teaching and learning experiences, it is difficult to make everyone feel included and comfortable in an online environment. … Continue reading “Open Networked Learning Course (ONL212), Topic 1: Digital Classrooms and Flamenco”


Patience and Honesty

I didn’t expect to encounter such feelings of strangeness during the first ‘connecting week’ of ONL212. We had two group meetings this week. There are nine members in my group including two facilitators. Two group members (including myself) are from Singapore and others are from Europe (Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Italy). Our group assignment for this … Continue reading “Patience and Honesty”



Am starting this blog as part of my participation in ONL212. Spent this morning browsing through the blogs of fellow participants and am much inspired by their enthusiasm for teaching and learning. As I explained in my ONL212 self-introduction, I am an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law of the National University of Singapore. … Continue reading “Walking”



About Me 🙂 Hi Everyone! This is Swee Leong. I am currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore. I am looking forward to learn about teaching from this course and hope to interact with everyone here!