With generative AI, it’s time to rethink learning

For Week Four’s topic on design for online and blended learning, I was tasked to lead the discussion on generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of education, in which we covered the applications and implications of generative AI on teaching and learning. I was quite familiar with this topic since I explored how students […]

Exploring students’ mindset as a group

For Week Three’s topic on learning in communities – networked collaborative learning, my team and I explored the concept of social learning, particularly group dynamics in a collaborative setting. As I read through the given scenario, it reminded me of my undergraduate years (such fond memories!) whereby the tutor would get us to form groups for […]

Topic 3: The Beauty and Challenge of Collaborative Learning and Assessment

Collaborative learning in the forms of think-pair-share, group discussions and longer-term projects have been introduced across different levels of learning, including the higher education (Jin 2012; Flores et al. 2015). In teaching professional and business communication courses, teamwork and collaboration are incorporated in my courses as a way to simulate interaction within workplace work teams. […]

Topic 2: The Implications of Openness

These two weeks of ONL journey brought me through an impactful, challenging and encouraging ride on open education practices in the time of generative AI use. It was impactful to dialogue with my PBL group and the larger community of educators connected through Dr Maha Bali’s talk, who shared our honest concerns and struggles with […]


Balancing student privacy and openness when giving feedback

For Week Two’s topic on open learning – sharing and openness, my team and I unpacked the concept of “openness” in the context of open educational resources (OER), in which we identified what OER is, its benefits, and challenges. As a university tutor who capitalises on social interactions in order to make learning for my […]

Topic 1: Reflection of an Uneasy Resident on Digital Literacies

David White’s metaphors on residents and visitors on digital use frames the perspectives on digital engagement very nicely on the video, Visitors and Residents (White, 2014). In Part 2 (White, 2014), White discusses the tension of evaluating credibility between sources available online and traditional academic sources. Interestingly, many legitimate sources in the forms of journals, […]

Reflections on learning online and on part time basis

It has been a while since I last took on a part time course that required my time commitment and attention for more than a week. After the freshness and the adrenaline had died down for this course, I began to find it very difficult to maintain the level of focus and commitment. Very soon, […]

Hello world!

Hi everyone, my name is Ker Kuan. But please call me KK. I work in the research agency in Singapore – A*STAR for short. I help to promote/market the technologies that our scientists and engineers have developed to the local companies. Our overall objective is to uplift the technology skillset and knowledge of these companies […]


Hi everyone! I’m Jonathan, an Instructor from the Centre for English Language Communication who recently joined the National University of Singapore in January 2023. Besides teaching and the occasional coffee with my colleagues, I’m currently looking at ways to incorporate ChatGPT into my future lessons, whether through teaching feedback and/or research. Looking forward to learning […]


Reflecting on My ONL Journey and Future Paths

Reflecting on my experience with the Online Networked Learning (ONL) course, I’ve gained invaluable insights that have significantly shaped my approach to teaching and learning. The most profound lessons involve the importance of active engagement, fostering inclusive environments, and the strategic use of technology in education. One key realization is the transformative power of ice-breakers […]