Behaviourism versus Constructivism

Learning is Social

Before I started ONL, I briefly read about the shift in learning approaches — from behaviourism (which was how we were taught growing up) to social constructivism. In my own education journey, we did not have much of project works or group work in our curriculum, but we sometimes hear the term “study group” — […]


Topic 5: the graduation

Honoured guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, my fellow colleagues… Credit: image generator. As we come to the end of our 3 months of learning together, I just wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to 2 groups of people. First, thank you to the organisers of this ONL journey. It has been […]

Topic 4: Designing online and blended learning

The webinars and group discussions around this topic got me thinking about how I would like to create effective online/blended learning.  One of my group members introduced me to a new word: mechanisms (thanks Ziad!). As I understand it, mechanisms are the big-picture strategies which we use to achieve our goal. For some reason, as […]

Nathasha 2023-05-01 11:17:03

Collaboration is a skill. How can we facilitate students in developing this skill through collaborative learning? Collaborative learning is defined as “a situation in which two or more people learn or attempt to learn something together,” (Dillenbourg, P.,1999).  and on simplified terms  as joint problem solving. Student collaboration has shown to improve outcomes if done […]


Harvesting maximum value from collaborative learning

This week’s ONL topic shed light on the essential elements required for effective collaborative learning. In my PBL Group meeting, one of the members asked these questions: “What’s so wrong with “divide and conquer”? I’ve always done it this way… Have I been doing collaboration wrong all this while?” This made me think more carefully […]


Topic 3: Learning in communities

Learning Communities in Theory From the start, this was always going to be an interesting topic to me! I am a strong believer in the power of collaborative learning (Smith & MacGregor 1992), and the thought of students coming together to share their varied experiences, germinate new ideas, and bring them to fruition fills me […]

Open Educational Practices in the Asian Context

Topic 2: Open Learning – Sharing and Openness Growing up in a typical Asian family, these values were predominant:  .. The more you give away, the less you have. .. You’ve worked so hard, keep it for yourself. .. There is no free lunch in this world. If someone gives you a gift, you should […]

Open learning – how ‘open’ should and could it be in the context of medical education ?

Open learning is a relatively new concept, which has changed the traditional perceptions on higher education from ‘reserved ‘ to more ‘widely available ‘ learning resources. In this movement Open Educational Resources are made available in public domains in order to promote accessibility of knowledge and resources to a wider global community. Open learning is […]