V&R mapping

The V&R approach helps people explore how they engage with the Web, and also provides an interesting angle in looking at digital literacies.

Topic 1 Reflections

This is a space for my reflections on topic 1. Today i looked at some videos on the ONL site. I watched a few by David White. I liked how he used the Visitor and Resident concept to look at online presence and engagement. Below is an image of my online presence using the V […]

Connecting 26 Sep

Great to meet the facilitators, participants and especially members of PBL Group 7 on Zoom (Anna from Finland, Florentina from Switzerland, Thomas & Meilin from Sweden, Melissa from South Africa. Melinna was not able to attend today). Facilitator Gregor tried to coordinate 2 common times for group meetings but it was quite challenging. Due to […]

ONL222 Intro Briefing 22 Sep

Hosted by Alan Soong and met SG fellow participants on Zoom. It felt like taking a ride on Thunder Mountain :-). I had no doubt that it would be an exhilarating experience but the initial part would be a steep climb for me. Alan spoke about the use of collaborative tools like Miro, Padlets, etc. […]

Here’s a problem

PBL – some videos briefly describing PBL, they were useful so i posted links to them here.
– Problem-Based Learning – an overview (4,54 min)
– Contextual Learning (3,11 min)
– Constructive Learning (3,29 min)
– Collaborative Learning (3,18…

Tools Reflections

I have tried some of the suggested tools. Screen -o- matic was useful, especially for video editing. Prezi looks interesting as well. I started using Padlet to try to create a open networked learning space for residents sitting for their anaesthesia professional exams. The link to the Padlet can be found here. I have tried […]

Reflection on the first week of ONL222

Hi, this is my reflection space for the ONL222 course. I am looking forward to learning new things and meeting new people. This is my second online course this year. I like the interactive nature of this course. I feel like I am part of a group, close to other members and the facillitators. I […]