How do I design a written exam for my online course?

The current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us all to adjust and adapt our teaching and examinations. Campus courses have been turned into online distance courses overnight. One issue that has been widely discussed and debated among the colleagues at University is: How do we design written examinations for online courses? Under normal …

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What We do in the Blended Shadows of Community Learning

‘Affect’ in and of teaching is positioned as how to make sense of face-to-face teaching and particularly what we as teachers frame as learning communities. Clearly, no learning encounter can be devoid of affect – but what ‘affect’ means for teachers and students is different, and the question why it is positioned as central to learning remains if not shrouded in mystery, then at least a bit unexplored scientifically.

The course is over. Now what?

I think that the ONL course has left me with more questions than answers, but it definitely has provided much food for thought. For one thing, it has raised in my mind the need to think very consciously and critically about how to create a learning com…


Online teaching and creating a space for learning

The possibilities for designing for online teaching has exploded the last ten years. When I think back to my first taught online course in 2012 the difference in the possibilities is enormous. I still think there is a lot we lose in the non-verbal clues in online setting as communication is complex. There dialogue between the teacher and theContinue reading “Online teaching and creating a space for learning”

Blending, congruence, and affect

There were two questions we asked in our PBL group as we discussed the topic of blended learning. The first was how we could design face-to-face and online activities in a blended learning environment so that they are congruent. The second was about th…

Communities and connections

The question of what it means to form a community is one that is sometimes taken for granted when it comes to learning spaces and experiences, but in a public speaking course that I teach, it has been a central question. In this post, I talk about how …


ONL Topic 5: Lessons learnt – future practice

These are my reflections on ONL201 course. In a period of 2.5 months this experience has been like a roller coaster experience. At the same time than I did the ONL course the pandemic disruption transformed the society and there has been a sudden explosive growth of the use of digital tools. At the beginning […]


The show goes on..:)

According to plan I should have been in Maputo now, busy lecturing and interacting with a group of students taking a course in Resource Assessment as part of a MSc programme in Environmental Engineering at Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo, Mozambique. The current situation with both UEM and my home university Malardalen University in Sweden …

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ONL Topic 4: Design for online and blended learning

I will share my experience in blended learning in a course I am involved in at the University of Linköping. I have been teacher since 2017 and course coordinator since 2018 in the course of Social Epidemiology in the Master Program in Medical Sciences. To teach to students the relevance of social determinants of health […]