Topic 5 – Lessons learnt – future practice

The Open Network Course (ONL202) has come to an end. New knowledge and experience have been gained during the course. I will start with commenting my first test post in the blog and thoughts regarding the blogging. This relates also to Topic 1 – Experience from online education, social media and knowledge development. In the […]

Venn diagram of how the ONL202 course incorporates the Community of Inquiry

Learning by Design

A traditional university course is not simply a matter of uploading content online and hoping that the same learning outcomes to be achieved, although the majority of lecturers had little choice but to proceed in this manner in 2020. Pandemic-era teaching has probably been the best demonstration of how much more thought is necessary to… Continue reading Learning by Design

Topic 4: Design for online and blended learning

This topic was from the beginning quite challenging to grasp, but the book Guide to BLENDED LEARNING written by Martha Cleveland-Innes and Dan Wilton helped to understand the topic. The three models of blended learning discussed in the book are interesting and I believe that model 3 is the one that suits best in these […]

Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

This time I will focus my reflection on my own Personal Learning Networks, and on occasions when I have experienced real collaborative learning taking place. One of my first thoughts when watching the short lectures by Kay Oddone (2019a, 2019b) on Personal Learning Networks (PBL) on YouTube, was that I could not identify any PBLContinue reading “Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning”


Networked Collaborative Learning – an intriguing journey

“Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning”, topic 3 in the ONL course this autumn has been intriguing. Intriguing because of possibilities, the massive amount of literature and studies that have been produced and because this knowledge has been there for DEACADES: I wonder why there have not been more collaborative learning events in theContinue reading “Networked Collaborative Learning – an intriguing journey”

Learning in communities

What I take away from this topic is the discussions around Personal Learning Networks as well as the differences between a “network and community”. During this topic it was the first time that I actually reflected upon the meaning and differences between the two words. A network is for example, organic, changing, weak ties, flexible, […]

Is it possible to go or be open in online education?

Openness and sharing are two important factors for online education and the first question that always should be the addressed is the “why” question. Why shall we go online? Why shall we be open and share? With this a starting point there are several aspects to reflect upon. Since I don’t have an academic/teaching background […]