Our Strength lies in Community Interactions & Engagements

As an educator, I have always prioritized engagements of learner to learner and learner to instructor level. However, in an online learning environment, I have learnt that learner to content engagement is equally important as well. Based on my readings, here is an outline of the different types of engagements and it’s strategies. It isContinue reading “Our Strength lies in Community Interactions & Engagements”

Connected to the World with a ‘Click’: Collaborative Learning In Communities

COVID-19 has taught us strategies to adapt with life and carry on with daily living. Since the pandemic, travel has not been the same. Our ONL211 open network platform is a timely initiative that reminded me that without travel, beyond the borders, all of us could still engage in collaborative learning in communities. In myContinue reading “Connected to the World with a ‘Click’: Collaborative Learning In Communities”

Openness Learning: Weighing the Pros & Cons of Quality Assurance

Prior to learning about topic 2, I was wondering about the quality assurance of resources in Open Learning platform. However, at the completion of Topic 2, I feel that my perceptions towards open learning has changed- it is not that bad after all! I analyzed the concept of quality assurance in relation to openness learningContinue reading “Openness Learning: Weighing the Pros & Cons of Quality Assurance”


Big bang!

You all know the pain and the intensifying feeling of guilt of not getting started with a massive writing task aiming to produce something that you have never actually done before… Like trying to get the first lab report done … Continue reading


Journeying through the use of online tools: Taking small steps everyday

Over the last 2 weeks, I have made many new friends from all over the world :). Peer support has been a key to make my learning about online digital tools more interesting. When I enrolled for this course in January, I had no idea about online teaching and learning tools. I had several questionsContinue reading “Journeying through the use of online tools: Taking small steps everyday”


Problem-Based Learning

Hello everyone! I read a paper “Using Problem-Based Learning:New Constellations for the 21st Century” by Savin Baden. I enjoyed reading the paper. It was indicated that online mediated learning is underpinned by theory of connectivism or pedagogy of connectivity (Savin Baden, 2014). However, how do we as academics encourage a safe milieu of connectivism forContinue reading “Problem-Based Learning”


Hello, I am Sheena Ramazanu. I am a research fellow from Alice Lee Centre of Nursing Studies, National University of Singapore. I am a new recruit (2 months old) and I would like to learn more about online teaching pedagogy. I faced technical challenges when conducting my first tutorial session with the class. I thoughtContinue reading “Introduction”