Digital literacy and creativeness in a crazy world

What I have witnessing right now while taking this course is a digital explosion in the Higher Education. From being used by online teaching lecturers, the closing down of Universities around the world has forced everyone into the digital tools and rooms. More and more are are forced to climb a very steep learning curve in a short period of time to accommodateContinue reading “Digital literacy and creativeness in a crazy world”


Digital literacy, synthetic learning and synthwave

The challenge with the synthwave genre is the question if it really improves the original sound, which despite its flaws continues to make grab people, and if it contributes to something new to our understanding of music? This is pretty much how I look at something like ONL and online problem-based learning in the landscape (discourse) of learning.


The unbearable weightiness of being a learner

“Oh dear…” My first feeling after having tried to make sense of all the different instructions, overviews, videos, blogs, vlogs, platforms, assignments, teachers, co-teachers, learners, co-learners, open learners, groups, subgroups, zoom-meetings, doodles, google-drives, learning spaces, twitter sessions, editable powerpoints, creditable study points, rules of engagement, forms of consent, and amount of time spent. I couldContinue reading “The unbearable weightiness of being a learner”

On connecting: A first reflection

It is always exciting to enter a new learning community – or at least, to enter what will become a learning community through the efforts of its members to engage with one another and with the material. This week we connected online with the ONL …

My ONL journey

Where to start with this blog? It’s been quite a journey with my ONL group. The biggest take away is probably that students or participants shouldn’t be afraid to participate. It seems a little daunting in the beginning, being put into groups with people across the globe with different experiences, levels of education and notContinue reading “My ONL journey”

Blended Learning

Let me start by saying that I’ve had no experience in a blended learning environment. Throughout my education, I’ve always had traditional education in a lecture hall style setup. The contact time would be in the physical classroom and face to face interactions with the lecturer either before, during and/or after a lecture has takenContinue reading “Blended Learning”


reflections on the ONL course and the use of time as a scarce resource….

I’m finally done with the ONL course! It was surely a rewarding and learning experience, though interestingly, all of us participants in my PBL group reported that the main challenge with the course was lack of time. This is why I write ”finally”, though I did enjoy the course – it did take time thatFortsätt läsa “reflections on the ONL course and the use of time as a scarce resource….”