Online collaborative learning – exciting times

The importance of collaboration is empathized and talked much about in today´s university world. I hear it in all sorts of settings, from our own vice chancellor to the Swedish Higher Education Authority. With digitalization, and especially during the Covid 19, collaboration has truly entered the online teaching as well. With Covid 19 I also thinkContinue reading “Online collaborative learning – exciting times”


Sharing and Openness in education – some thoughts

With new media and technology, the possibility to increase our capacity as educators to be open and generous about the knowledge has never been bigger. Openness has so far often referred to sharing teaching material like textbook, courseware offline. However, with the technology at use today we can more effectively reuse, redistribute, revise and remixContinue reading “Sharing and Openness in education – some thoughts”


ONL Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

I have learnt to appreciate the approach and philosophy found in problem-based learning (PBL) as a facilitator in face-to-face problem-based learning group at the Medical School of Linköping University. The PBL philosophy is inspired by Socrate’s “maïeutic” (from the Ancient Greek μαιευτικός (maieutikós) where the purpose was that the knowledge that emerges in the exchange […]

Embracing open: the case of COVID-19

This semester has been something of a trainwreck. The pandemic has slammed into us and knocked us sideways. As bad as I think things have been for me, I am aware that for many it has been far, far worse. But this post is not about the virus per se. Nor…


Digital literacy and creativeness in a crazy world

What I have witnessing right now while taking this course is a digital explosion in the Higher Education. From being used by online teaching lecturers, the closing down of Universities around the world has forced everyone into the digital tools and rooms. More and more are are forced to climb a very steep learning curve in a short period of time to accommodateContinue reading “Digital literacy and creativeness in a crazy world”


Digital literacy, synthetic learning and synthwave

The challenge with the synthwave genre is the question if it really improves the original sound, which despite its flaws continues to make grab people, and if it contributes to something new to our understanding of music? This is pretty much how I look at something like ONL and online problem-based learning in the landscape (discourse) of learning.