When a journey comes to an end

The very last week of my ONL experience has started and I’m trying to find the time to truely reflect on the whole experience. I feel sorry that I don’t have a lot of room in my busy week to go back through the topics, scroll through the literature and find a take home message […]

Edi and Online&Blended Learning

My own experiences. In the last five years, I have started digitizing campus courses and developing new online courses to be exclusively given to industrial professionals. Working in this new setting involves a close interaction with students using digital tools and blended learning. Nowadays, teaching has evolved and teachers are adopting blended learning techniques throughout […]

Course design – to blend or not to blend?

Again, group sessions for this topic included a lot of discussions about terminology. What is blended learning? What is online teaching? Does blending always mean having online and offline courses?However, everybody immediately knew whats’s meant by emergency remote teaching, the term says it all. The sudden switch to online teaching and learning was especially hard […]


Challenges in Collaborative Learning

I reflected quite a lot on the frustrations of both teachers and students in online collaborative learning. I started by reading quite an interesting paper [1] that outlined some of these issues: Even if some of these issues seem generic enough to be applied to any collaborative learning tasks, I think many of the challenges […]