Unbelievable but true, finally I manage to bring my reflections into the blog. The course is over since the beginning of December and I miss the exchange with my group very much (Thanks PBL01!). It was always an escape from everyday life, very inspiring and humorous. The following reflections are my own quintessence on the […]


EduNauts – “Merci” for the time together

Welcome to my space for the reflections on topic 5 – Lessons learnt – future practice The last webinar ended with a beautiful Miroboard – I grew really fond of this tool. I gonna quote my fellow EduNauts Lucinda Jolly “talk the talk … walk the walk”, was one of the many things she told […]


Learning is a social act – don’t you think?

Welcome to my space for the reflections on topic 3 – Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning. I joined the webinar “Learning in communities” on Monday the 7th November with Kay Oddone (Charles Sturt University, Australia) & Lotta Fröjdfeldt (Mälardalen University, Sweden). Little did I know, once again an inspiring and wonderful hour would […]

Topic 5: Lessons learnt – future practice

ONL222 Archipelago Through my participation in OLN 222, I was able to learn a lot. The interesting approach about this online course is that you don’t just learn how to do it, but you become very active yourself with the different topics and assignments. You really experience how open networked learning works (and where the […]


A puzzle piece of something big that makes me happy.

  Welcome to my space for the reflections on topic 2 – Open Learning – Sharing and Openness This topic kicked off with the webinar from Maha Bali about “Exploring Nuances of Open Educational Practices”. (‘ONL222 Topic 2 Event’, 2022) In order to prepare for the webinar, I listened to the recommended podcast “Perspectives of […]