Welcome to my space for the reflections on topic 5 – Lessons learnt – future practice

The last webinar ended with a beautiful Miroboard – I grew really fond of this tool.

I gonna quote my fellow EduNauts Lucinda Jolly “talk the talk … walk the walk”, was one of the many things she told me during our time. Now it is time to put what I have learned into practice.

Everything I learned from September – December is infinitely valuable. And that’s at a time when so much is going on at work. Two group meetings every week, a webinar on a topic every week, facilitating, and a collaboration of EduNauts that worked really well.

Done. It was a lot; I can’t deny that. But nice, a lot. Enriching much for my future.

The most important things I learned may sound simple, but for me they are valuable.

1) Listen, really listen to what the other person has to say. Trying to understand what his concern is and how to find a solution to challenges together.

2) Be patient. With yourself and with others. It takes time for an online team that is thrown together to “work”. Until they get used to each other, recognize each other’s strengths, skills and weaknesses and can rely on each other. Everyone is at a different point in the ONL Journey and that is to be respected.

3) Expertise. So many aha-moments and mind blow. To capture all this in two weeks was too little time for me. I’m looking forward to a bit quieter time soon so I can delve into each topic again.

4) Writing in English. Such an intensive reflection on each topic was new to me, but it also helped to mentally process the individual topics, which lasted two weeks each. I still have a lot to learn.

In using technology to enhance learning/teaching, I am far along by my standards. Miro, Padlet, Mentimeter, Kahoot, Zoom, Webex, Teams, Moodle. Tools I use many, now it’s more about working out what makes the most sense for my students. Just because I use all the tools doesn’t mean they make sense.

How what I learn will affect my practice will be seen in 2023. As I provide certain input on various library topics each month, I have set out to focus on and expand on one topic from ONL 222 each month. I want to give myself time to grow because the time in the course went by way too fast.

It was a nice exhausting ONL 222 time. Merci (as we say it here in Switzerland) to my team members and facilitators of the EduNauts team. Without you guys, it would never have been so great. And also, merci to everyone who made this course possible. I can imagine how much resources it takes to make this all possible and keep my fingers crossed that you continue to do such wonderful and valuable work.

EduNauts – “Merci” for the time together