Openness in Learning – Lessons learnt and a view to the future

This year has been interesting, to say the least, both for online learning in general and for my personal experience with it. Covid-19 has defined anything and everything this year, and it has accelerated the process of moving material online in many countries, institutions, and workplaces. In some places this has worked really well, while … Continue reading “Openness in Learning – Lessons learnt and a view to the future”


The journey of ONL202

When first starting the ONL202 course, I was first a bit terrified of the length and magnitude of work to put into it. How should I be able to balance work and the course workload at the same time? I will not say it has not taken a lot of time, it…


Building trust

Topic 3 was about Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning. We all have been there- taking part of a group work where communication halted. With social loafers that just want to hitchhike along not putting any effort into the work, or with a dominant person taking charge and decides pretty much everything themselves. Or, perhapsFortsätt läsa “Building trust”


Topic 5: Lessons learnt – future practice

In our final post, we are asked to critically reflect on our overall ONL202 learning journey. To that end, we are given five guiding questions. What are the most important things that you learnt through your engagement in the ONL course? How will your learning influence your practice? What are your thoughts on using tech […]


Topic 4: Design for online and blended learning

This, for me, is the most relevant topic so far. I was motivated to take ONL202 so I could become a more competent online educator. Although I couldn’t get through the 35-min intro ppt (sorry, but what was the thinking there ?), I did find the other materials much more useful. Salmon’s 5-stage model gives […]


Topic 3 – networked collaborative learning

This third ONL202 topic alienated me a bit at first. As I watched Kay Oddone’s YouTube videos (1 and 2) on the theory and practice of personal learning networks (PLNs) and read the studies by Capdeferro & Romero and Brindley et al, I felt kind of ‘meh’. Quite a contrast from how content for the […]


Go open?

This week´s topic is Open learning- sharing and openness. First of all I think we need to work out what does open mean in terms of learning? Open learning has been defined as learning situations which are flexible ”in time, place, instructional methods, modes of access, and other factors related to the learning process” [1].Fortsätt läsa “Go open?”